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Tips for Success


Studying:  Avoid distractions (e.g. loud music, phone calls) when you study.  Work in well lit areas and gather all needed materials before beginning.

Cornell notes:  Write clearly so that you can understand your notes later.  Highlight or circle key terms and definitions.  Review your notes after class.  Fill in any missing details.  Use these notes when you study for a test.

Preparing to Test:  Prepare yourself over several days.  Don’t cram the night before the test.  Get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.

Taking a test:  Relax and keep calm.  Read the directions thoroughly.  Look over the entire test before beginning.  Plan your time so that you can finish all sections of the exam.

Projects: Use a calendar/planner to give yourself plenty of time to complete projects.  Divide the work into parts that you can manage, given the time you have available.  Use your calendar/planner to stay on track with the project timeline.  Make an effort to finish the work early.